Naftalan - the past, the present, the future

Only 30 kilometres away from Zagreb, in Ivanić-Grad, an oasis of health is located, where numerous patients and visitors from the entire world look for treatment for skin diseases and inflammatory rheumatic diseases, as well as for wellness programmes and rejuvenation treatments. The patients return there gladly - a proof of satisfaction of all the kinds of visitors.

Since 1989, at Special Hospital Naftalan we successfully treat patients with thermal saltwater and healing naftalan oil - which makes the Hospital a global healthcare phenomenon. Apart from Croatia, naftalan can be found only in Azerbaijan.

This mineral oil is a natural health factor, on basis of which our experts developed naftalan therapy, proven effective in treating psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that gravely affects the quality of life of the patients suffering from it. It is also a good ally in treating damage to musculoskeletal system with the help of naftalan baths and compressions.

Uniqueness of naftalan and its medical application

Naftalan oil was created from biological, organic material, through the process of sedimentation of the remains of dead microorganisms (phytoplankton, zooplankton, bacteria, algae and plants) at the bottom of a sea or a lake, where they were covered with mineral particles. This type of oil is rich in naphthenic hydrocarbons, especially steranes, compounds whose structure is similar to steroid hormones and provitamin D. The healing effects of naftalan are attributed precisely to steranes. Naftalan is in use for 600 - 700 years. The first to record the healing effects of naftalan was the famous world traveller Marco Polo. Regular use of naftalan in Azerbaijan began at the end of the 19th century. The naftalan oil well next to Ivanić-Grad was discovered in the 1960s. Research showed that this oil has almost the same chemical and biological properties as the one from Azerbaijan, and that it has no carcinogenic or toxic properties.

The other natural health factor - healing thermal water - is sourced from the depth of 1300 meters, and its temperature is 60 degrees Celsius. The water is rich in minerals, fluorine, bromine, iodine, and sodium chlorine. Organoleptically, it is clear, has a salty taste, and a characteristic smell of oil. It has anti-inflammatory effects, helps to relax muscles, and improves elasticity of connective tissue. It also improves microcirculation and thermoregulation and affects the sensitivity to UV beams.

Nine specialist physicians from the fields of dermatology and physical medicine work at Naftalan. They, along with the medical personnel - physiotherapists, nurses, cosmeticians and kinesiologists - take care of the patients’ health for 24 hours a day.

Top experts employed at the Hospital, healing naftalan oil and various therapies and medical programmes are the reasons numerous visitors from Croatia and abroad give us their trust. Apart from the natural therapies we also perform: phototherapy, electrotherapy, paraffin therapy, criotherapy, hydrotherapy, manual massage and vibration massage. A complex application of physical therapy procedures makes a treatment more complete and successful.

Wellness programmes and rejuvenation

Many people visit Special Hospital Naftalan for naftalan wellness programmes, which help to embellish skin and to improve life energy. Highly qualified personnel also offer innovative cosmetic treatments for skin, as well as rejuvenation treatments. Lately, a popular treatment is rejuvenating with stem cells from blood plasma - the so-called PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. Apart from rejuvenating, this method is applied for hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) and for joint injuries or degenerative joint diseases.

Among the most famous visitors of Special Hospital Naftalan is the celebrated maestro Ivo Pogorelić, one of the world’s most renowned pianists and classical musicians, who expressed his enthusiasm for the healing powers of naftalan and the supreme medical service.

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