The kitchen

130 users

A kitchen adjusted to customers

Special Hospital Naftalan's kitchen is able to prepare meals for 130 customers daily.

The meals are served in our restaurant, located next to the kitchen. For patients with impaired mobility we serve meals at their departments on trays.

Apart from meals, our friendly personnel are always ready to serve coffee, juice or a cake by request.

The kitchen employs culinary experts for preparing meals, who take care of the quality of groceries and of our guests' nutritional needs.

Apart from the basic menus, we serve meals adjusted to various needs, that is, we prepare groceries according to our customers' dietary regimens – such as diets without certain allergens or other meals prepared according to an agreement with the staff.

The director of the kitchen creates a menu plan, which is approved by the chief nurse.

The culinary philosophy of our restaurant is based on healthy preparation of fresh food, with emphasis on local products. Processed food, such as instant soup, gravy, gnocchi or other prepared products, is unacceptable in our kitchen. Special care is taken of the products' healthiness and hygiene, according to the HACCP system.

Numerous foreign visitors expressed their satisfaction with our kitchen and our culinary team's readiness to answer to dietary needs of their customers.

Approach our staff with trust!