Naftalan, a special hospital for medical rehabilitation, has been caring for its patients’ health since 1989. By opening a new complex at the end of 2020, Naftalan 2, we added a series of new contents to our offer, not only intended to cure diseases, but primarily to preserve health.

In the new complex, we offer the following recreational services:


Responding to global trends, and to provide top service to our clients, Naftalan SH Gym is equipped with cutting-edge exercise machines

Depending on your health status and your initial condition, you may train by using cardio equipment, exercise machines, free weights, and other sports equipment. Modern technology monitors the cardio equipment, enabling the users to have easier and more interesting exercise with feedback on their health status, such as heart rate, by means of smart watches and mobile devices. Exercise machines and free weights are simple and appropriate for everyone, enabling high-quality body-building process.


We offer a range of programmes for all user profiles. First of all, there are early morning programmes of moderate intensity, which, by breathing exercises, flexibility, stability and cardio trainings intend, provide the users with better concentration during the day, increase their productivity, reduce stress and improve their mental state, having a positive effect on the entire organism. We also have moderate-intensity trainings intended for all users, with the goal of improving motor skills and, at the same time, reducing fat tissue and increasing the muscle mass, which enables the users to activate their bodies better in daily activities, but also to reduce stress level and the risk of developing chronic non-infectious diseases. And finally, there are high intensity trainings with the purpose of reducing weight and fat content, increasing explosive energy, improving fitness and reducing stress. We also offer group trainings conducted by a professional kinesiologist at the gym, and specific trainings for women, such as Pilates and body shaping trainings.

Taking into consideration that the primary goal of our fitness centre is health maintenance, we have come up with a sports-and-play programme, intended for developing a child’s motor, cognitive and emotional skills. Through play, a child develops motor and functional capabilities, creates a habit of exercising on daily bases, and acquires basic knowledge of various sports. This programme is intended for children from 4 to 7 years of age, and there is a group training for a bit older children, up to the age of 15, aiming to preserve their health and posture, which is conducted by a combination of exercises that take place both at the gym, and in the swimming pool.

There is a group training for the elderly with chronic spine pain, conducted by an experienced kinesiologist, with the goal of reducing pain, improving flexibility, circulation and mood and, ultimately, preserving functional status.


At Naftalan, a special hospital for medical rehabilitation, it is possible to organize training under the professional supervision of our kinesiologists. We offer individual trainings to help the users achieve their goals: from conditioning training for professional athletes, sports rehabilitation under physician supervision, to recreational users who need help in mastering proper technique of performing individual exercises, or individual approach in weight loss.