Prirodni ljekoviti cinitelji

Healing naftalan

Naftalan is a mineral oil produced by distillation of naphthene oil, and is included among natural health factors.

Naphthene oil originated from biological, organic material, through the sedimentation of dead microorganisms (phytoplankton, zooplankton, bacteria, algae, plants) on the bottom of a sea or a lake, where they were covered with mineral particles. This type of oil is rich in naphthene hydrocarbons, especially steranes, compounds whose structure is similar to steroid hormones and provitamin D. The healing effects of naftalan are attributed precisely to steranes. The oil well of the so-called “Križ oil” close to Ivanić-Grad was discovered in the seventies. Research showed that the “Križ oil” has no carcinogenic or toxic properties.


Through years of work, the experts of Special Hospital Naftalan have developed naftalan therapy, which was proven efficient for treating psoriasis, an unpleasant chronic disease, and the related psoriatic arthritis. Naftalan has anti-inflammatory and desensitizing properties and affects the metabolism of proteins and electrolytes.

The treatment includes some specific, unique procedures - baths in naftalan tubs, iontophoresis with naftalan, mastic therapy (a healing mixture of naftalan, paraffin, and camphor helps to reduce pain and to recover after suffering a brain stroke), ultrasound combined with naftalan or with phototherapy.


Naftalan’s experts have created special products based on naftalan: creams, oils, and shampoos. Those are used to accompany the treatment at a hospital, and are available to anyone who faces skin problems. More info on the naftalan cosmetics can be found on the webpage of our subsidiary Ivalan Terme d.o.o.

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