137 accommodation units

Naftalan has a capacity of 137 beds, 26 out of which are luxury. All the rooms are high standard in order to make the stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Every floor has a nurses’ room and a consulting room, and the 6th floor has a living room for rest or entertainment. On fair days, the visitors have a sunbathing area at their disposal. The restaurant for the patients and the guests is found on the 5th floor.

All the areas are air-conditioned, and modern, comfortable apartments, single and double bed en-suite rooms on the 6th floor are equipped with satellite TV, atelephone, wireless Internet and a refrigerator.

In the atrium, a café bar is located, as well as an Internet café and a store with various items, including a selection of Naftalan cosmetic products.

In the close surroundings of Naftalan, a promenade next to the Lonja River is located, as well as a sports’ complex, where visitors can book a term for tennis, running or another activity.

Our luxury apartments - equipped with a sleeping room, a living room and a bathroom with a tub - are meant for visitors who wish to enjoy elegant decoration or need more comfort. We took care that every detail in the room contributes to a visitor’s complete relaxation.