Tourist offer

Ivanić-Grad is an idyllic small town where one can enjoy in numerous picturesque cafes, but also in the markets, which are traditionally held every Saturday.

It is also possible to visit the baroque church in the park of Stjepan Posezi, an exhibition in the local gallery or at the Public Open University, go to cinema, or visit some of the local events, which are usually held in springtime or summertime.

Festival of Toys

Every May, Ivanić-Grad hosts the most cheerful festival in the whole of Croatia - the Festival of Toys, which gathers everything which can make us play - both the kids and the adults. Playing is very important for a child’s development, and a good toy is indispensable for a good game, as a good pair of scissors is indispensable tool for a good tailor. Both the Croatian toy producers and the renowned world brands participate in the Festival of Toys.


In fall, an event called Bučijada is held, dedicated to pumpkins, as dishes made from them are the pride of this region. The Bučijada is a fair for ecological products made from this tasty fruit, such as pumpkin seed oil.

For extra fun and education, visitors also have the options of visiting educational workshops, theatre shows, an ecological pumpkin garden for children, a display of popular customs and traditional crafts, or take a ride in a “pumpkin-carriage”. Everything is accompanied by a rich offer of food and a musical programme.

Village tourism

In the surroundings of Ivanić-Grad, numerous agritourisms are found - Stari Mlin, Izletište Petek, Ladanj kod strica, Selski turizam Kezele…), where one can enjoy local food and wine in the idyllic landscape.

Autochthonous wino - Škrlet

The region around Ivanić-Grad boasts rare, autochthonous grape variety called škrlet, which pleases with its delicate aroma and intense bouquet. The wine has crystal clear, light yellow to greenish colour. To honour škrlet, a wine fair named ŠkrletOVO is held every year.


During the stay in Naftalan one can enjoy nature and recreation, as well as a bike ride - bikes can be rented at Naftalan.


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is only 27 kilometres away from Ivanić-Grad, and is well connected by train and bus. The town’s tourist office provides the information on the tourist offer in the town and its surroundings daily.

More info on the tourist offer in Ivanić-Grad can be found on the webpage of the Tourist Board ofIvanić-Grad.