Lijecenje fizikalna terapija

Physical therapy

Modern physical therapy - combined with electrotherapy, kinetic therapy, massage, hydrotherapy with underwater massage and a pool with running thermal mineral water, accompanied by naftalan therapy with electronically conducted process of regeneration and sterilisation of naftalan - guarantees the efficacy and the best use of the unique natural resources.

Twenty-seven physiotherapists work in the Department, and physical therapy is performed according to a programme determined by a specialist. The main physiotherapist and a medical specialist, the chief of the Physical Therapy Department, are in charge of the quality of the service.

The hospital is equipped in accordance with the high standards for special hospitals in Croatia, as verified by the Approval of the Ministry of Health for work in the field of medical rehabilitation. We use standard equipment for physical therapy, accompanied by modern medical equipment.

The gyms are equipped with exercise machines, tubs for underwater massage, a space for naftalan therapy with 24 tubs, a pool with thermal water, machines for thermotherapy (therapy with paraffin, naftalan and camphor) and criotherapy, a room for massage, a cosmetic salon, a wellness zone with saunas, a whirlpool and a laconium.