Swimming pools

At the new complex in Naftalan, a special hospital for medical rehabilitation, we offer our users 3 indoor swimming pools: a 25-meter-long swimming pool for swimmers, with the depth of 1.60 m, a recreational pool with the depth of 1.45 m, and a hydromassage pool with the depth of 1.25 m. The water temperature varies from 27 to 32 °C. Depending on the season, outdoor swimming pools are also available.

Water exercising and swimming may improve health of heart and lungs, resulting in better fitness. Apart from improving physical health, water exercising and swimming also have a positive impact on reduction of stress and improvement of mental health. Buoyancy leads to relief in joints and ligaments, therefore, exercises performed in water are suitable for people with chronic pain as well, especially if they suffer from lower back, hip or knee pain. At the same time, moving in water causes resistance in all directions, which requires activation of a large number of muscles resulting in building their strength.

If there are no contraindications, swimming is one of the best aerobic recreational activities for people of all ages. With the intention of promoting swimming, we have prepared a range of monthly packages at affordable prices for recreational athletes. To attract the youngest, we have organized swimming schools for non-swimmers from age 7 to 10, who learn floating and basic swimming techniques through play, while having fun. For swimmers up to the age of 15, there is an advanced programme for mastering proper swimming techniques. The programme is based on mastering crawl, breast stroke, backstroke and butterfly swimming stroke, with focus on breathing and proper performance of movements.