Pjotr Hlebcom from Russia

A man's most important possession is his health!

Before I start to write down my impressions, I wish to express gratitude to the medical personnel of «Naftalan». I am coming here for psoriasis treatment for 9 years now. And all that time I'm repeating that this clinic has two fortunes – which are naftalan oil and the clinic’s personnel, starting from the director and the doctors, all the way to the maidservants and waiters. I am a follower of the complete treatment method, which includes naftalan products, lamp treatment, medicinal gymnastics and a diet adjusted to people suffering from psoriasis. «Naftalan» offers all of that. After every treatment in the clinic, I go into a long-term remission, which positively affects my health and my looks.

I cannot wait to come to my beloved Ivanić-Grad in spring, and to happily shake hands with Naftalan's employees – or to hug them.

Your faithful patient Pjotr Hlebcom (Pero) – Russia